African Views Radio…today!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about a radio show that I got myself involved in:

It’s airing TODAY at 12 p.m. EST – or 4 p.m. for the lovely folks here in GMT with me!You can join via Skype (add “Africanviews”) or by calling (+1) 760-283-0850; just call in during showtime. If you have to miss it, you can find it in the archives here.

I’m co-hosting the show, called Youth InitiativesIt  focuses on the programs, social structures, and organizations either put to work for the benefit of youth, started by youth, or engaging with youth. And we’ve got a special eye on Africa: the platform is called African Views and was created just a handful of years ago by Wale Ajibade, a Nigerian, born in Vienna and former a finance guy in New York.
The primary host and founder of the program – Tully McLoughlin – is MY connection. He spent a year here in Ghana working on youth environmental radio initiatives with Ghana’s only agricultural development-focused radio station, Rite FM, and Farm Radio International. We met at a rooftop album release part in Accra.
Tully asked me to bring a few guests in, and I thought of a few Iowa Fulbrighters, so those of you from my home state might recognize a few of the names below…
TOPIC: Perspectives on Fulbright

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Youth Initiatives will be broadcast live this week. Tully, your host, will be broadcasting live from Sitka, Alaska, where he is now. He will also be joined this week by guest co-host Sharon Benzoni, who has hosted public radio programs at KRUI in Iowa City and will be receiving her master’s degree in African Studies at the University of Ghana in the next few months. Sharon will be calling in live from Accra.
    WHEN: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 12th, 2012
    TO PARTICIPATE BY PHONE: Call this number during the show:(760) 283-0850
TO JOIN BY SKYPE – ADD: africanviews (Call in during showtime)
    HOST: Tully McLoughlin
    GUEST CO-HOST: Sharon Benzoni
    Also broadcast live on WYBC Yale Radio (
The Show
This week we offer an in-depth conversation with a several recent alums of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, who share their perspectives on living and teaching or researching abroad. Our panel of guests will be:
  • John C. Calhoun, who worked as an English teacher and education policy researcher in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Also a former Marshall Scholar, John is currently studying for his J.D. At Yale Law School.
  • Lauren Reynolds, who taught university-level English courses in Rize, Turkey, and is currently earning her master’s in Literature in Spanish at the University of Virginia.
  • Cliff Missen, who worked with Fulbright in Nigeria, which led him to co-found The WiderNet Project, which aims to improve digital communications systems for individuals and communities around the world. He currently serves as its Executive Director.
  • Sarita Patnaik, who studied Classical and Moroccan Arabic, as well as contemporary Moroccan Art, in Morocco.
  • Eli Bildner, a 2010 graduate of Yale University.
  • Sangeeta Tandon, who was on a US Fulbright in Togo this past year. She holds a doctorate in pharmacy from Iowa and now works at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 
What is the value of doing research abroad or teaching abroad – for the student, for the communities? What are the expectations that people have of Americans or American researchers, and how are those expectation imposed upon everyday interactions? What are the greatest challenges of integrating into a new culture, learning a language, and trying to answer specific research questions at the same time? Is this the manifestation of an outdated concept of aid or a strong fellowship of scholars, teachers, students and professionals who have an opportunity to change the world for the better?



Lots and lots of overdue updates will have to wait…hope you can join us!


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