Dobet Gnahore and Acoustic Africa

Last night, one of my favorite West African musicians, Dobet Gnahore, an Ivoirian singer, songwriter and dancer, performed at Alliance Francaise. She has an amazing voice and range and her stage performances are wildshe’s known for her leaping dances and passionate drum solos in addition to her incredible vocal work.

Dobet dances so fast you can’t even see her. Kareyce Fotso is behind her.

She was onstage with two other West African divas – fellow Ivoirian singer-bassist Manou Gallo and Cameroonian singer-songwriter Kareyce Fotso – along with several other amazing musicians as part of “Acoustic Africa,” a show which has toured the world a few times.

The malaphonist is Aly Keta, also a famous musician

It was incredible to watch these women – all three extremely talented and famous in their own right – perform together onstage. Here’s a little sample:

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for commentary; check out these ladies and support their music if you dig it!


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