American Cultural Hegemony vs. The Local Brand

You be the judge.

KFC in Osu


Chicken Republic sign

Chicken Republic

The winner will go on to challenge “Chicken Inn,” one of the famous trifecta also starring “Pizza Inn” and “Creamy Inn.”


3 thoughts on “American Cultural Hegemony vs. The Local Brand

  1. If you are interested in the topic, read James Watson’s Golden Arches East – an anthroplogical analysis of McD’s expansion in East Asia.

  2. Thanks for the photos. I wondered how many American franchises there were. If you remember, we had to find a McDonald”s in London and in Ireland just Peter would eat something when we visited in 2001. It wasn’t much different in Italy although luckily they had pizza everywhere. He is definitely not ready for world travel, unless he can wear a homing device for American fast-food joints!

    • Hi Mom! Actually, there aren’t that many American fast food franchises that I’ve seen. I haven’t spotted a McDonald’s yet. There are American-ish brands, (like Pizza Inn), but mostly the restaurant industry seems pretty home-grown. Lots of food products though: Coca-cola (not surprisingly) is ubiquitous, Nestle is huge though they have different products for this market, Quaker Oats, etc.

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